Spectator Tools Plugin


April 24th News

Gentleman Jon — I’ve released an STV spectator tools plugin that I’ll be maintaining here

It does stuff like this:

And a minimap as well. Comments/suggestions/etc are all welcome.

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The Ricoh Arena: i51 review


April 23rd Lan Coverage
Tagged: i51

Nymthae — So last year Multiplay announced a move from the Telford International Centre. Their new home is not too far away, in Coventry. Insomnia51 was the first lan to be held at the Ricoh Arena.

The whole event went pretty smoothly, especially for a new venue. It is important to remember that ticket sales were capped to around 1600 BYOC gamers so this event was not running even near full capacity. I’m not exactly sure how they’re intending to expand, although I heard words about using the pitch space. TF2 TENT REBORN.

I’m hoping this article will serve as a bit of an FAQ for i52. All prices listed may be subject to change.

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Gamers Assembly 2014


April 18th Lan Coverage
Tagged: 2014 Gamers Assembly

Admirable — Hi! King of Potatoes here bringing you news of a poor imitation of a preview article I put together for Gamers Assembly 2014. It goes a little something like this…

France has had an enviable LAN scene for as long as I can remember; an annual circuit of LANs no less! With seasons averaging four events and then culminating in a final event – you guessed it – at LAN. LANs up the wazoo. Bastards! Talk about your embarrassment of riches. In recent years that Gallic wealth of Team Fortress 2 action has proven too enticing for foreign invaders, hungry for nerd blood and hairy women.

Hosted at the impressive Futuroscope just outside Poitiers, nestled away in central France, Gamers Assembly represents the jewel in the crown of this nation of gamers. In 2012 a marauding Epsilon eSports pried it out of Punchline’s cold dead hands, but in 2013 it was the French who prevailed, besting the European all-star mix, Viva La Vida.

This year nine teams have entered the fray, fewer than expected I am told, but never the less cash money is on the line and it’s offline; I’m sold! The language barrier has historically impeded the amount of coverage lavished upon these events outside of France, but then again they are blessed with Pognon. Scarce details again this year, but read on and I’ll tell you what I know.

Read the full thing over on TFTV… or not.

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April 16th

Arie — The list of awesome TF2 services has gained a member, TF2Movies! This site, built by  nTraum, aims to be the place to find all TF2 fragmovies. In less than 24 hours, 260 movies have been submitted already, including many of the classics.

So take a stroll down memory lane with me on and submit movies that are missing.

HOw to do  airshots (: by


(please no firend request)

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Top 5 TF2 bloopers – February 2014


April 14th Movies
Tagged: bloopers commentary compilation Duder eXtelevision

Lucky Luke — This is the 8th edition of the Top 5 TF2 bloopers of the month, with  Duder on the mic! Make sure you submit your bloopers for this series via our clip submission form!

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ETF2L S17 Grand Final


April 10th News

Arie — Grand finals blablabla, better not be a boring roll like S16! Go watch it at

TF2 is dead, Byte no longer forever 3rd. VODS of the entire tragedy below:

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Top 10 TF2 plays – February 2014


April 8th Movies
Tagged: commentary eXtelevision extine eXtv Highlights

Lucky Luke — This is the 35th edition of our Top 10 TF2 plays, for February 2014! Don’t forget to send your submissions for the next edition here! Thanks to  eXtine for the commentary,  Airon for the sound mixing and all our Patrons for sponsoring us this month.

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