The Ricoh Arena: i51 review


April 23rd Lan Coverage
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Nymthae — So last year Multiplay announced a move from the Telford International Centre. Their new home is not too far away, in Coventry. Insomnia51 was the first lan to be held at the Ricoh Arena.

The whole event went pretty smoothly, especially for a new venue. It is important to remember that ticket sales were capped to around 1600 BYOC gamers so this event was not running even near full capacity. I’m not exactly sure how they’re intending to expand, although I heard words about using the pitch space. TF2 TENT REBORN.

I’m hoping this article will serve as a bit of an FAQ for i52. All prices listed may be subject to change.

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Gamers Assembly 2014


April 18th Lan Coverage
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Admirable — Hi! King of Potatoes here bringing you news of a poor imitation of a preview article I put together for Gamers Assembly 2014. It goes a little something like this…

France has had an enviable LAN scene for as long as I can remember; an annual circuit of LANs no less! With seasons averaging four events and then culminating in a final event – you guessed it – at LAN. LANs up the wazoo. Bastards! Talk about your embarrassment of riches. In recent years that Gallic wealth of Team Fortress 2 action has proven too enticing for foreign invaders, hungry for nerd blood and hairy women.

Hosted at the impressive Futuroscope just outside Poitiers, nestled away in central France, Gamers Assembly represents the jewel in the crown of this nation of gamers. In 2012 a marauding Epsilon eSports pried it out of Punchline’s cold dead hands, but in 2013 it was the French who prevailed, besting the European all-star mix, Viva La Vida.

This year nine teams have entered the fray, fewer than expected I am told, but never the less cash money is on the line and it’s offline; I’m sold! The language barrier has historically impeded the amount of coverage lavished upon these events outside of France, but then again they are blessed with Pognon. Scarce details again this year, but read on and I’ll tell you what I know.

Read the full thing over on TFTV… or not.

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Announcing Gamers Assembly 2014


March 4th Announcement
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Gamers Assembly 2014 Banner

k3 — As some of you may already know, Team Fortress 2 in France, compared to most European countries, has what one might call a unique scene. An online league hosted by TF2 Connexion and supported by ROCCAT, a LAN circuit averaging four LAN parties a year for the last five years and LAN finals at the end of the season to crown the winner. We are indeed lucky. However, compared to big events such as Dreamhack, Assembly or even Insomnia there has nothing worthy of comparison… until now.

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Rough guide to Pixling TF2 LAN Party #2


November 1st Lan Coverage
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Galant — So our Pixling TF2 LAN Party #2 is starting early in the morning on Saturday. 11 teams will participate, 3 groups and single elimination play-offs for 4 teams are coming. Below I will describe how you can follow and watch this 3rd LAN event during 2013 year in Russia.

First of all, the saddest thing is that  sickless won’t play because of disease. This led to a quite expected  Rubikon’s rage-quit from  Last wg Standing (really dangerous name for a LAN-mix, yeah, wg?). Fortunately, former  LMS soldier empty joined LwS, and to fill up last spot the demoman  Unlimited from div2 Highlandet team  Large Piece of Beef was found. Mix of old good friends CTADO (fishy, Root, allig4t0r) was later completed with soldier…  Rubikon. You can get more information about other rosters from this previous post or just check all participants here on our site.

By the way, all the information about our tournament can be found on this classy event page (courtesy of  Vad). Here you will find groups and results, play-off brackets (will be up on Sunday later), and of course our approximate schedule with time, opponents, maps, results and logs (we will add them into that table, but else you can find all logs here). Please remember that our Moscow time in these timetables are CET+3 h.

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i49 by the Numbers Part 4 – The Killing Fields


September 12th i49

Gentleman Jon — As the hive mind of European TF2 turns to the near future in anticipation of imminent new seasons one man hunched over a computer console in a darkened room, not watching sick frag videos or young ladies disporting themselves but instead gazing at reams of log entries, senses the winds of change and thinks “not yet”… Let me lead you by the hand (or drag you by the ear) back one last time to i49, back to that weekend, back to the Greatest TF2 Tournament of All Time…

Player stats are the main focus of most TF2 analysis but their performances all take place on the broader stage of the maps, which have their own characteristics to get to grips with. In this article I’m looking at who thrived and who choked on the maps played at i49, and through a meandering path of kills and damage I reveal how the teams fared head to head.

So without further ado a look at how the medics fared

Medics: Deaths, Ubers and Drops

4- medic by map

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i49 by the Numbers Part 3 – Brothers in Arms (or Flogging a Dead Log)


September 5th i49

Gentleman Jon — History is full of great partnerships: Cannon & Ball, Siegfried & Roy and Jedward. TF2 is no exception, so along with more about Uber drops, dominations and off classing I’m going to look at the player combinations that helped define the i49 tournament. As well as showcasing teamwork it reveals some insights into patterns of play, and which medics heal in the thick of the action compared to those staying safe at the back.


In the following tables the first name is the fragger and the second the assister, and the ratings are by kills per map played.

Scouts Buddies

First up are the scout partnerships. This only includes play as scouts, not when off classing.

Assists Scouts

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i49 by the Numbers Part 2 – A matter of life and death


September 2nd i49
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Gentleman Jon —Firstly an apology and correction. Due to Mike’s habit of off class mercing for random teams at Lan and playing Epsilon games using different steam accounts he wasn’t given the full credit for his damage in part 1. Taking this into account I can now correct part 1’s DPM figures, Mike does in fact have the highest damage output of any soldier at i49 regardless of heals (although still behind the top Demos). I can only beg forgiveness for portraying Mike as anything other than supreme.

War’s figures don’t get any correction, I checked those enough the first time round.

Whereas part 1 focused on damage and healing, this article will focus on kills and related stats.

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